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For your convenience, the Code of Ethics, Registration Form and Physical Form are below. To save yourself time, these forms may be completed prior to coming to registration.

Please keep in mind, you will need to turn in three (3) copies of the Registration Form.

MAA Mandatory Background Checks


All MAA volunteers must complete both of the following background checks.


Pennsylvania Criminal History Records


Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance Form 

MAA Registration Form


The MAA Registration form is available online for you to fil out prior to going to registration to save time. Three (3) copies of the registration are requred to be turned in at the time of registration. Click on the PDF icon to download the MAA Registration Form

MAA Physical Form


All players must have a completed MAA Physical Form on file with MAA. 

Click on the PDF icon to download the MAA Physical Form

MAA Code of Ethics


The MAA Codes of Ethics must be signed by each participant/parent.         

Click on the PDF icon to download the MAA Code of Ethics. 

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